A2 Hex Screws

A2 Hex Screws Manufacturer in India

A2 Hex Screw refers to a type of screw that has a hexagonal head and is made of stainless steel grade A2. The hexagonal head is designed to be turned using a wrench or pliers, providing a secure grip and making it easy to apply torque to the screw. The A2 grade stainless steel provides corrosion resistance and is commonly used in outdoor and marine applications where the screw may be exposed to moisture or saltwater. The thread size, length, and other dimensions of the A2 hex screw can vary depending on the specific application and the requirements of the project.

Stainless Bolt Industries is one of the foremost organizations known as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of A2 Hex Screws. We are engaged in offering huge assortment of Stainless Steel A2 Hex Screws which are manufactured using qualitative raw materials which guarantees with the unique attributes like durability and resistance to corrosion. By using a twist, this screw can be easily tightened so that it is secure. For being resistant to corrosion and staining we are using chromium grade material with the stainless steel and carbon steel. Moreover, this material shows good resistance to wear and tear.

A2 Hex Screws Supplier in India

In addition, we are backed by a team of experienced proficient, who gained rich experience in their area of functionality. With their help, we are competent to meet the day-to-day confronts of our customers in the best potential way. Our organization endeavors for excellence, with an analysis to distribute extreme satisfaction to the clients. A2 Hex Screws are usually worn to produce a bolted joint, in which a threaded shaft accurately fits an equivalent tapped hole or nut. While manufacturing the A2 Hex Screws we are using grade 2 screws tend in construction for joining wood components. The screw head is designed to fit a ratchet or spanner torque wrenches allowing you to tighten the screw to your exact specifications.

A2-70 Hex Screws Manufacturer

We are leading A2-70 Hex Screws manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India with the trusted brand name Stainless Bolt Industries. Our manufactured products are hugely demanded among the customer due to their superior quality and reasonable prices. Besides, we even guarantee to deliver the product in time and best quality which made us to gain a huge clients base in the market. As the offered hex screw is an externally threaded fastener proficient of being inserting into the holes within the assembled parts of mating with a pre formed inner thread or forming its own thread is called as a screw. These offered A2-70 Hex Screws is manufactured using the highest quality grade stainless steel which are fully threaded screws that are ideal for insertion through holes. Besides the offered screws are used in conjunction with nuts using a wrench that can be easily tighten the screw so that is secure. We are engaged in offering the A2-70 Stainless Steel Hex Screws to the organization flourished across the globe and undoubtedly can be afforded at the most affordable price at the desire sizes in metric, imperial and in all grades.

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